Month: November 2010

In the Advent of Milagros’ Misfortune

Milagros Mendez took to certain precautionary measures to prevent misgivings, miscalculations and misinformation. She was the administrative assistant at a state agency and she clocked in the hours as necessary to receive her weekly paycheck; took pride in what she did, and did what she was told. She always was careful, took many precautions and was a thorough researcher, maintaining and updating her records, her health insurance, keeping up with her pension plan. But one day, she came into work and her boss point-blank berated her in front of her co-workers because she was one-second late coming into the door. He fired her on the spot. Milagros was stunned, bewildered and scared and was at a total loss, so she called California Health Insurance agent Matt Lockard for some advice. For once in her life this was something that was unexpected, even as good at predicting things and taking precautionary measures as she has been known to do, she found herself in a bind: unemployed and uninsured all at once! The fall leaves were just turning their magnificent colors and the air was getting cooler as each day passed – ghouls, scarecrows, and pumpkin patches were cropping up everywhere; soon Christmas decorations. What in the world will she do now? Does she want to go back to a nine-to-five clocking in the hours, overworked and under-appreciated, or does she...

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Be Aware Of The Differences Between Affordable Health Insurance And Medical Discount Plans

Searching for health insurance quotes these days can be confusing. People often do not understand the differences between affordable health insurance and a medical discount plan. A medical discount plan is not health insurance and if used it as such, it will not cover any expenses. In fact, many medical discount plans cost money to start with, as a cover fee, and then keep on costing money even when users access their discounted services. People who know the differences won’t find themselves in an awkward situation later. For those who don’t know the differences between health insurance and a medical discount plan, health insurance is something that helps pay for the cost of preventive medicine, injury expenses and even catastrophic illnesses. The holder can submit a claim for expenses over and above whatever deductible the policy has and, in most instances, will be reimbursed for the expenses. On the other side of the fence are the innovative medical discount plans that offer a network of healthcare providers, health related services and drug stores with discounted rates. The discounts may apply to items such as prescription medications, eye exams, dental care and other medical services. Again, this is not health insurance coverage and instead is a group of medical providers who have agreed to offer discounts to plan members. The major reason a lot of people tend to confuse affordable...

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