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Dr Goodluck Jonathan’s Use of Social Media Campaign

London ( November 04, 2010 – Politics is not a spectator sport, and now people have more and easier ways to get involved. Nigeria voters have the opportunity to participate and potentially help design a new conversation at the Political level, something that has not been possible for years in the Political landscape in Nigeria. Social media has allowed people to go back to building communities on a much larger scale, making the world smaller in the process for many.

Much has already been written about how Jonathan is crushing the social media sailing high on the wind of social media and his online activities during the forthcoming 2011 election.

Dr Goodluck Jonathan’s presidential campaign was more than a major social media milestone because it ushered in a new relationship model among voters and their supporters. Due to social media, an unprecedented number of individuals had a new kind of active, direct role in Dr Jonathan’s campaign; moreover, I predict that the Jonathan campaign and imminent administration will change Nigerians expectations of “leader” and “follower” roles in government.

A significant portion of Goodluck Jonathan’s supporters will want to continue their support to “make continuity in Government a watchword come 2011.”

The Global Campaign Team have cultivated a global grassroots support following, the development of into a powerhouse, and created outposts in every major social network leveraging mobile and email marketing. was designed to enable supporters to help Goodluck Jonathan ( to get elected, so its features supported relevant Political discussions through its online communities. This tool is important in serving people by designing a digital environment that helps them to do what they want.

Peter Eledan, Chairman Goodluck Jonathan ( Global Campaign Team, stressed that the architect behind, the Internet served as “the linking paper handkerchief” that helped supporters, volunteers and campaign workers to coordinate their offline and online activities. Supporters could reach out to one another.

Goodluck Jonathan Global Campaign Team carefully designed its website to maximize group collaboration, while at the same time giving individual volunteers tasks they could follow on their own schedules and the team is currently using the website to influence Nigerians at home and in Diaspora especially to convince family, friends and hard-to-reach young voters, to register and vote in the coming 2011 presidential election.

This site is enabling people to create groups, very similar to Facebook. Every person who joins the site has a profile and can create and join groups to hold discussions.

Mr Peter Eledan, who is also the Vice –Chairman of Nigerian in Diaspora Organisation Europe UK Chapter (NIDOE), pointed out during an interview with a European based Political Correspondent that President Goodluck Jonathan have so far maintained calmness meaning zeroing in problems, developing practical solutions, all while remaining unflappable and undistracted on His core goal.

As Dr Jonathan Global campaign continues to use a variety of approaches to successfully engage with individuals there will be more pressure for other Presidential Candidates to do the same.

The difference between Dr Jonathan and other candidates is that, there is an amazing clarity of message (Continuity in Power) being directed to all the Nigerian voters on what His administration has done so far within the shortest possible space while in office.

The web platform has made Dr Goodluck Jonathan more accessible than any other Nigerian President to date, thanks to technology. To find out more about Dr Goodluck Jonathan campaign and its activities, visit for up to date and more valuable information.

Closing Remark

Peter Eledan, Chairman, Goodluck Jonathan Global Campaign Team (GJGCT). The website, , provides news and updates on Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign activities, information about his policies on Nigeria’s development, news on Nigerian Politics ( and lots more.


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