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Makeup Tips That You Might Not Know

Kent, UK( – February 25, 2011 — Mix lemon with water and wash your face your face in this before you apply your makeup as this will give you a fresher look.

It is more attractive to apply foundation on clean skin and it will also help to ensure that it lasts for much longer so you won’t have to reapply.

A makeup base is something that you should probably avoid.

Making sure to regularly moisten your lips with lip balm or a damp cloth will ensure that lipstick lasts longer when it is applied.

Only use light makeup around your eyes because if you use too much it can start to damage the skin in that part of the body you will end up with eyes that look a lot older than the rest of the body.

Put a thin line of powder around your lips using a brush before your apply makeup; you could also use foundation for this as well.

Most people will have a particular feature that they are happier with than the others. Highlighting the features of your face that you are particularly proud of is good idea. If you have nice eyes then make sure you show them off with the right makeup.

Keep experimenting with new ideas and keep up to date with new tips for makeup.

When women step out for the night, they never leave the house without their makeup. There are many items of makeup a girl can wear, nevertheless the most desired appear to be eye makeup and lipstick. The be all and end all is the fact a lady is aware that makeup can enhance her beauty.

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