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Practical Tips For Beating Jet Lag

Kent, UK – February 24, 2011( — It isn’t only the time difference that causes jet lag but also dehydration. That is why it is a better idea to give tea, coffee and alcohol a miss while you are flying and instead drink plenty of water; these other drinks will just cause you to go to the toilet more often as they are diuretics.

Change the time on your watch to what it is in your destination and try to imagine that it is also that time for you. So eat breakfast if is that time in your destination. You should also see if you can try to adjust to the sleep pattern of your destination country.

When you land at your destination during day time do your best to stay awake; don’t just go to your hotel and crash. Keep awake until it is night time and then you can sleep and be ready for the next morning.

In the weeks prior to the trip you should try to eat properly and get some exercise. Those who are healthy find it much easier to deal with jet lag.

Spend some time outside if it is daylight when you arrive. It is easier to adjust to a time difference if you have the sun on your body. It is not so easy if you head to an office the minute you get off the plane.

Be prepared to be a little tired for the first couple of days and leave all the main tourist trips until after you’ve had a chance to settle in.

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