Austin, TX ( Kazor ) March 23, 2011 – Caring for your baby requires many more decisions to be made that weren’t issues in generations past. Deciphering vast amounts of baby information, as a new or experienced parent, may sometimes seem like a daunting task. Going from website to website, of sometimes conflicting information, may deter some parents from getting the information they need to keep their baby healthy and safe.

Diba Tillery RN, BSN, CPST says “Parenting isn’t black or white but many shades of gray. There is no one right answer to all of your baby questions, inform yourself as much as possible from reputable sources and do what works best for you and your little one.” Diba is the founder of Babies 411, an online baby information resource center. Their goal is a simple one, to provide parents a one stop shop to updated articles and resources to help them save time and make more informed decisions. has a wealth of baby information, tools, resources and much more. They include a baby library called, Information Station, which includes categorized information from breastfeeding to immunizations, car seats and more. Diba was quoted as saying, “Did you know 4 our 5 car seats are improperly installed? We provide resources, information and videos to assist you in properly installing your car seat to protect your number 1 asset.”

When asked what made you create Babies 411, Diba answered. “Throughout my career as a NICU nurse, I have cared for many infants and have been exposed to a multitude of parental concerns. Utilizing my knowledge, skills and expertise, I have assisted many parents in transitioning into their new roles. Through the gratification of helping these families, the vision of Babies 411 was born.”

Babies 411 has a Baby Store with products specifically selected by Diba to be a healthier, safer alternative for your baby. Diba is specifically concerned with the increasing amount of toxins babies are exposed to. This is why they provide a wealth of information on infant dangers and how to reduce them. Babies 411 truly makes your search for information to keep your baby healthy a much easier and delightful experience with easy to read articles and information you can trust.

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About Babies 411 LLC
Babies 411 is an on-line information and resource center for parents. This site has been developed by a neonatal intensive care nurse with the sole purpose of promoting the health, safety, and well-being of all babies.