Canoga Park, CA ( Kazor ) May 5, 2011 – has just added 2 new engines to its rebuilt engines inventory. These include the popular Honda d16y8 and the Nissan QR25DE rebuilt engines.

123engine offers rebuilt engines and specializes in restoring an engine back to its original form using original equipment manufactured parts (OEM). “When rebuilding a used engine back to new engine condition and using OEM parts this process is considered a remanufactured or rebuilt engine”, says Eli Moshe of

“Rebuilt engines are remanufactured to new engine specifications and we, as engine rebuilders, accomplish this by dismantling each used engine totally from part to part. All used engines are inspected and every part that is found defective is replaced with either original equipment manufacturer parts or aftermarket parts that are equal to or superior to OEM specified parts, depending on the brand of the replacement,” continued Mr. Moshe.

Eli also claims that the parts that cannot be replaced like the engine block and the cylinder head undergo a different process which is to an older engine what a total face lift is to a person. “We essentially rejuvenate the engine life as a rebuilt engine,” says Eli.

The engine bores (the holes where the piston move up and down in) are then recoated with a thermal spraying process so that the remanufactured engine bores are restored back to the manufactured original size and diameter. This insures that the new Japanese engineOEM pistons and piston rings will fit perfectly.

A rebuilt engine is remanufactured to run like new from the rebuilding process in the remanufacturing plant. These newly formed bores can even be re-bored again to increase in diameter giving the remanufactured engine more horsepower if the owner so desires.

Rebuilt engines are remanufactured to meet or exceed new engine specifications with in all areas. The only exception to a new engine will be the reuse of the engine block, cylinder heads and other major components inside the engine that are originally designed by the manufacturer to withstand extensive wear and tear. “We carefully inspect all major components to be reused to make certain they meet our high level requirements before we even consider rebuilding an engine” says Mr. Moshe. 123engine will only rebuild engines that pass a strict series of stress tests.

According to Mr. Moshe, a rebuilt engine can actually be better than a new original manufactured engine because in the remanufacturing process any factory defects will be corrected.

Rebuilt engines will not undergo grinding of the intake valves as opposed to engine overhaul because the remanufacturer will simply refurbish the metal to make it look like new or the replace the intake valves with new ones. Aside from any defects being replaced or repaired, remanufactured engines are priced much less than brand new engines coming from the dealers. Mr. Moshe thinks vehicle owners should consider a remanufactured engine even over a brand new engine from the dealer if they need to replace a used engine.

123enginerebuiltenginesinventory now includes many popular Japanese engines such as the Honda d16y8 engine, the Nissan QR25DE engine, the Nissan 5.4 Litre engine, plus the Toyota 3.0, Toyota 3.3 and 3.5 liter engines as well as many more Japanese engines for sale.

123engine includes a one year warranty with all rebuilt engines and doubles that to a two year warranty for all rebuilt engines they install at their Southern California location. For more information about rebuilt engines warranty visit:; and for new engine installation visit:

For a listing of all rebuiltJapanese enginesand other rebuilt enginesfrom please visit their inventory page: ( ) 123engine also includes popular American and European engines such as Dodge 4.7, Ford 3 valve, Ford 4.6, GM 5.7, Chevrolet 350, BMW 3.0 and many others., is located at 21417Ingomar Street Unit 6, Canoga Park, CA 91304. They can be reached by calling 818-279-3823 or sending an e-mail to