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In an investigation, we found that big acoustic products have a depression market, and they are getting worse and worse, year by year, while the mini Portable speakers still have a good development market for their personalization, fashion, small size but powerful function, super shaking sound. Why to appear such phenomenon? The following reasons can explain this problem.

First, the traditional stereo system composed of big heavy stereo and expensive amplifier, and with many functions, which lead to high cost, high price, and complex operation. It is reported that 90% customers already don’t like these complex expensive machine.

Second, the appearance of big acoustic is old and antiquated, size is huge, and all of these are out of relation to the modern personalized furniture and fashionable package.
Three, the expensive traditional stereo act as luxury, it is hardly popularized.

Thus it can be seen that, the big acoustic is no longer popular in the people’s daily life, but people can not live in such life without music. Therefore, in order to meet customers’ needs, the manufacturer product many different kinds of mini speakers and small size stereos. These high technology mini speakers have their own advantages, and are very popular now.

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