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April 29, 2011- Given the fact that the competition in the online printing industry has become very stiff and the market has become very competitive, almost all of the companies are trying something new to remain competitive. Many new functions and packages are being added across the industry to respond to the emerging problem. Capitalizing on its core competency; ‘custom printing’; PrintingBlue is planning to launch its reseller program very soon. According to the source, the company is going to launch its reseller program very soon. The company has competitive advantage in offering high quality custom products in very affordable rates. Whether you talk about the famous product like custom sticker, or less focused products like box packaging, PB leads the market.

The concept of the program was under consideration since long and now all of the matters have been decided. As per the officials, the company will launch a separate comprehensive website which will work as a separate business unit. Whether you have to print cheap custom sticker for resale purposes or some elite type of product, PrintingBlue will serve you. A company sources said, “We are very happy to announce the launch of reseller program. We will remain committed to our slogan of high quality in affordable rates here as well”. This clearly tells the focus of attention in the decision making process of the company.

It is evident that the company will try to take advantage of its inexpensive custom printing services with a promise to deliver higher quality. Moreover, due to the flexible set up and less set cost, it will be very easy for the company to jump into the world of doing nontraditional and odd sort of jobs. Those resellers, who aspire to avail high quality sticker custom printing services with minimum investment, must be delighted by the announcement. Large corporations have huge set up and other variable costs which increase their cost of doing business. Hence, the company will have a comparative advantage over them as well.

Despite presence of many online and offline printing companies, which are already serving the segment, the management at PrintingBlue is confident to capitalize on its core competencies and beat the competition there as well. The most important role will be played by its 100% custom and die cut printing services in very affordable rate packages to the resellers across the markets it serves. On the other hand, the products list will remain the same as almost every kind of popular print product is available in the category. So, custom stickers, gift packaging, vinyl and outdoor banners will also be available for reseller program.

Company Name: Sara Criss
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