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Real Estate Company of Canada CLV Group

28th May 2011 – Ottawa, Ontario – ( –

CLV Group has been mixed up in lots of flourishing construction and redevelopment endeavours. The following are a little choose projects.

218 MacLaren – 46 Unit Apartment Building

This property was widely renovated all through as well as mechanical systems, outdoor and regular area upgrades and entity unit upgrades. Mechanical systems progressed were made to small ongoing utility costs and get better delivery of warm and hot water. Outside upgrades incorporated new balconies railings, door canopy, landscaping and new concrete. Common areas upgraded were also made to the property as well as a new grand entry with wireless laze, hallway progressed and an adding of a fitness centre. Unit raises consisted of new bathrooms, kitchens, lighting and flooring. These developments resulted in an important boost in rents and property cost for the owners as well as relieve and happiness in the residents of the building.

131-141 Cooper Street – 200 Unit Hotel

As an case of redevelopment, signifying a group of likely purchasers we purchased 131/141 Cooper Street as an apartment building and rehabilitated it to a 200 unit joint apartment and hotel, known as The Aristocrat, after analyzing market needs. Considerable work was undertaken to build this renovation an achievement including regular area modifications, outdoor upgrades, creating a hall among both buildings, in unit progress and furnishing of the suites. This achievement created a 50% raise in property worth.

Downtown Heritage Buildings Portfolio – 4 Apartment Buildings

CLV Construction signifies a group of investors in modernize and retrofitting a range of 4 apartment buildings, choice from 22 units to 35 units. These buildings were by turn of the century building with heritage flair. CLV Construction administered the installation of a new HVAC system to reduce energy consumption, upgraded all the general areas and interior unit elements. Entity units were setup with modern kitchens and bathrooms while continuing the heritage finesse that made these buildings exceptional. The developments took put over three months and produced a major boost in worth for the owners.

CLV Group Mission

CLV Construction and Development performs broad project administration through faith and honesty. They offer apartments in different cities, them Belleville apartments for rent are one of them.

CLV Group Background

Managing a magnanimous range of commercial space and residential divisions, we started a Construction and Development Division to assist lesser maintenance and assets renovate costs inside the active portfolio.

This endeavour rapidly involved very capable craftsman as the division developed a status as a top superiority contractor. It became a clear natural development to get bigger the department to contribution this service to the open market.

The division focus in renovating most important projects; which variety in cost from $20,000 to $5,000,000. The division focuses its attempt on commercial properties, hotels, industrial properties, and multi family residential homes. The division also offer advanced consulting, estimation and project management. CLV Construction and Development gets satisfaction in provided that outstanding excellence and craftsmanship on every project we arise behind.

CLV Group Ottawa is a reliable complete real estate service provider. Choose houses St Catharines Apartment Rentals, homes, townhouses, Stratford Apartments for rent from over 7200 units of CLV Group.

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