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Plot to Overthrow Exposed for the First Time on New Website!

New Orleans, LA ( Kazor ) September 7, 2011 – I recently ran across an article describing how one man has undertaken an online campaign to disseminate his views on certain controversial subjects. No matter what your opinion is, whether you agree or disagree, the material is worth perusing. On 9/11/2011 a mass mailing of The Plot To Overthrow will arrive in Washington to every Senator, Congressman, major news outlet and of course President Obama.

The man I’m talking about is Mohammad Goldstein, and his nontraditional views on politics, religion, the world economy, and a plethora of other subjects are available in his new Hardcopy/eBook, “The Plot to Overthrow.” It is well worth your time to give this book a read; you will most certainly find them thought provoking and stimulating.

In his book “The Plot to Overthrow,” Goldstein writes about the 4Horseman of the Apocalypse, and of five radical hippies of the 1960’s whose lives have been ruined by the US government. The content of the Hardcopy/eBook Mr. Goldstein offers is controversial, heady stuff to be sure. The chapter on Judaism and Islam is so revealing and factual it will stun you.

Although the subject matter of both his website and his book are quite serious, his description of himself, his life, and his family that appears on his website, Mohammad Goldstein exhibits a whimsical and humorous side of his persona that belies his revolutionary side that is so evident in his books and elsewhere on his website.

A visit to Mr. Goldstein’s website will demonstrate just how versatile, and unusual, that this man’s work can be. I feel fairly safe in predicting that you have not ever seen a website, nor heard a point of view, quite like that of Mohammad Goldstein. JUST the name speaks volumes. He is a truly unique spirit in a world that is often overrun with conformity and unchallenging acceptance of the status quo. His work is at times a refreshing breath of honesty and individualism, and also at times scary in its truthful flirtation with reality.

The views on history, the future, politics and religious facts he presents are present with a constant tone of change must come with the state of the country, and the world today. His exposure of little known secrets of covert operations and the war on terror will keep you up at night wondering is this fiction or reality.

About Mohammad Goldstein: Mr. Goldstein is highly critical of today’s world government, particularly that of the United States. He espouses a philosophy that is sure to provoke many reactions in anyone who reads his book. If his personal Charisma is anything near as intense as his writings, this man has the potential to make a relatively large splash in the already crowded political shock treatment genre. I could see him going on a speaking tour and gaining thousands, perhaps even millions of devotees.


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