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Star Packaging Corporation Introduces Advanced Flexible Packaging Solutions for Pool Chemicals

ATLANTA, GA (September 19, 2011) – ( – Star Packaging Corporation, a leading provider of innovative flexible packaging, announces the expansion of its line of packaging solutions for pourable granular and liquid chemical applications that ensures consumer safety, improves convenience and enhances in-store shelf presence.

From spas and gyms to homes across the country, swimming pools are a popular luxury, despite the effort necessary to maintain them. It takes a precise formulation of disinfectants, sanitizers and stabilizers to keep an outdoor or indoor pool safe and clean, and packaging these corrosive, toxic, and potentially flammable chemicals can be a challenge. Of significant importance to brands, regulators and homeowners is that any chemicals intended for in-home use are packaged both safely and securely, especially with children in mind. Packaging that strikes a balance between consumer convenience and safe storage in the home is key to protecting the integrity of pool chemical brands.

Star ensures that all its relevant solutions for regulated chemicals are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency as Child-Resistant Packaging (CRP), making them all but impossible to tear and giving parents peace of mind that packaging will not be opened accidentally.

“It was very important for Star to make certain that our packaging was fully certified as child-resistant,” says Fred Crowe, President and CEO of Star Packaging. “At the same time, we wanted to make sure that safer packaging wouldn’t be harder for senior customers to open. So we went through a second, senior-friendly protocol and modified our designs to ensure that our packaging was easily cut with scissors to offer as convenient a solution as possible.”

Star’s packaging is suitable for storing even the most demanding regulated and non-regulated dry chemicals used in any part of the water treatment process. From chlorine and bromine, which are used to make water resistant to pathogens, to chemical stabilizers like cyanuric acid, pool chemicals are typically caustic and highly-toxic, requiring durable packaging that will not degrade or deteriorate even after exposure for extended periods of time. Star’s experience in material science allows the company to provide both rollstock and pre-made pouches which include laminations that can withstand the rigors of their chemical contents.

From factory production to retail distribution and finally to home storage, chemical packaging may be regularly exposed to conditions that are less than optimal. Both tear and puncture resistant, Star’s solutions are designed to withstand rough use while still standing out on the retail shelf. Star offers advanced printing capabilities with up to 10-color runs to maximize the packages’ shelf impact with enhanced lettering and graphics. Inks are both wear- and chemical-resistant, so that colors and instructions will not fade or deteriorate over time, maintaining the image and quality of the brand. With Star, customers can be confident that the integrity of their packaging – and their brand – will not be compromised.

“Star Packaging was among the early pioneers in the development of retailer consumer-level pool chemical packaging,” Crowe continues. “We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience that allows us to offer safe and reliable packaging solutions for distribution within retail store environments, wholesale distribution networks, and the home or work environment.”

In addition to Star Packaging’s CRP line of products, the company’s new packaging options for non-regulated chemicals were developed with sustainability in mind. EnviroPACK, one of the company’s newest additions, reduces plastic content by as much as 70% as compared to rigid packaging. The flexible laminated materials are formulated to provide significant impact resistance and burst strength, while ensuring superior shelf presence through high-end printed graphics.

Star Packaging Corporation was recently formed through the merger of Master Packaging, located in Tampa, FL and Star Packaging, based in Atlanta, GA. Master Packaging has 55 years of flexible packaging industry experience and has been backed by Azalea Capital since 2006. Star Packaging, formerly owned by the Wilson family, has over 35 years of experience in the printing, laminating, and conversion of flexible packaging materials. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA with operating facilities in both Georgia and Florida, the newly combined Company is owned by Azalea Capital, a private investment firm headquartered in Greenville, SC.

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About the new Star Packaging
Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the new Star Packaging Corporation is a service-driven provider of flexible packaging solutions. Our industry expertise and flexible manufacturing capabilities allow us to help consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies effectively meet their customers’ high expectations. For more information, please contact us at 1-800-252-5414.

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