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Church Sound System in a round worship space – designed by Power Sound of New England

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Kittery, ME – Power Sound of New England, PSNE, is pleased to announce the completion of sound system installation at St. Thecla Church in Pembroke Massachusetts. Having their PA systems performing optimally is critical to churches. The unique acoustical characteristics of worship spaces make this a challenge. Hiring church pro sound specialists, PSNE, where we special in professional PA systems for worship, the parish knew they’d get a custom system providing the vast improvement in sound quality they wanted.

The parish priest, Fr. McCarthy, called on PSNE for the church sound system renovation. The worship space in this architecturally famed Massachusetts church is completely round and features a beautiful a one piece concrete dome ceiling with a cylindrical skylight. There is an unobstructed view throughout the nave as the church was designed and built without any interior columns. Though beautiful, the parish noted that this creates an “incredibly live” acoustical environment so the new church sound system needed to evenly project the audio throughout the space. The old system was “muddy” and “no one could hear.” As the leader in church PA systems, PSNE was chosen to design and perform the sound system installation, tailored to the specific needs of both the Celebrants and the Music Ministry.

A church sound system where clarity meets aesthetic quality: This western Massachusetts Church, with its beautiful radial sanctuary featured unobstructed views throughout, so the visual impact of the system is paramount. Speakers have been colored to blend with their environment and are virtually undetectable— in fact what stands out most with their new PA system are not the 10-foot tower speakers but the greatly improved sound quality they project throughout the nave.

Customized church sound for the both Word and the Choir is now being enjoyed by the parish. The audio system features settings for the liturgical style of the Celebrants as well as for controlling the sound system of the music ministry. PSNE programmed the digital sound scenario selector to the ideal settings for a variety of the church’s PA system’s uses. This unique church sound scenario selector features settings to automatically compensate for softer voices or louder voices. It features audio presets that automatically set the sound for large and small attendance, automatic seasonal changes as well as for special Services. The result: pro sound quality in the church sound system that is exactly right, every time.

For any church worship style, PSNE custom PA systems facilitate improved communication to the congregation. Custom sound design and installation for whatever a worship space sound system requirements. Since 1969 they been the name churches trust for reliable PA systems, stat-of-the-art video projection and so much more.

To learn more about pro sound systems for churches Power Sound of New England invites you to visit their website: Or, read more at their blog site or on Facebook

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