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Launch of New Medical Alert Systems and Devices

Myrtle Beach, SC ( Kazor ) October 13, 2011 – Although a number of people look for medical alert systems and devices, either for themselves, or for their loved ones, these searches don’t always result in positive experiences. In an effort to change this for the better, Maximum Security Services has launched their new range of medical alert systems and devices.

“Given that this field, just like many others, has been through a great deal of technological progress, and in keeping up with those changes,” Maximum Security’s owner/operator Todd Pearce says that, “the new products we have launched are the absolute best that technology has to offer in this day and age.” He goes on to say that, “since we are protecting peoples’ lives here, there is no room for error.”

The medical alert systems and devices this company has launched are top rated, and 24 hour around the clock monitoring is part of the package. Users would not be charged setup or installation fees, and have the option to avail of short term contracts. The equipment in itself is free of cost, and the same also holds true for the shipping and installation costs. Consequently, the user only pays a monthly fee for the 24 hour monitoring feature.

As for the medical alert equipment itself, it comes with a waterproof emergency button, and users also have the option to get a free second emergency alert button.

Stressing on the importance of “the safety of seniors at home,” Todd adds that, “these medical alert systems and devices give seniors the confidence to live an independent life at home; knowing that professional medical help is only a button away.”

Maximum Security Services is based out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and their medical alert systems and devices’ services are available to residents of North and South Carolina.

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