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Leif Gregersen’s ‘Through The Withering Storm’ Exposes the Dark Side of Bipolar Sufferers

Edmonton, Alberta ( Kazor ) October 21, 2011 – Leif Gregersen, a published poet, short story, magazine, and newspaper writer has launched his first ebook called, “Through The Withering Storm” which revolves around his early life, bipolar disorder sufferings and how he recovers from the mental illness with treatment.

“Apart from physical pain caused from mental illness, I feel that one of the worst parts of having a disorder is simply the misunderstanding people have about people who are mentally ill”, says Leif Gregersen.

Leif Gregersen also wants to inspire bipolar sufferers to one day return to normal life despite of their physical and mental sufferings through sharing his own story in writing this ebook “Through The Withering Storm”.

“Bipolar disorder affects nearly 2.6% of American population between ages 15 – 25”, declares one survey. Also, 1 in 5 bipolar sufferers commits suicide. This illness is a curse among the adult population and the numbers combined with all other illnesses are staggering.

In this ebook, Leif Gregersen starts describing his young life which was energetic and adventurous perhaps more so than the average child. During his teen years, he struggles to get accepted in school with all the popular people, but never quite succeeds. One day, Leif’s mother made the decision to put him into Air Cadets, and from then on his life was never the same. His father was also worked in Air Cadets through the local Lions club and so the choice was made for him. At the end of his first year of training, where he met some of the most solid friends of his life, Leif attended a course known as basic training at a place called Canadian Forces Base Penhold. During the training periods, he learned new ways to discipline himself towards his goals and lead others towards achieving theirs. He greatly enjoyed the training though often was engaged in fighting other cadets. Surprisingly, he achieved the honor of having the highest mark on the final exam among all the thousands of cadets who had taken the course.

However, his attitude changed little by little when he started to fall victim to bipolar disorder. Genetically, his uncle, aunt, grandmother and great-grandmother all suffered from mental illness but the reality that it would happen to him never set in. Since bipolar disorder is mainly caused through genetics; Leif Gregersen soon began show signs of the illness. Leif suffered physically and mentally over a course of years without knowing the cause. He even tried in vain to solve the strange things happening in his head and emotions with drinking and the self-discipline he had learned in cadets. However, finally one day he became so ill that he was placed in a mental hospital and was unable to understand the reason for his committal.

After years of going in and out of hospitals, suffering and not knowing why, he decides to take treatment and suffers immeasurably during this period. New drug after new drug, isolating himself while under the grip of severe depression. Delusions, hallucinations and greatly diminished quality of life.

Leif Gregersen, in his book, “Through The Withering Storm” wants to make public the symptoms, sufferings, and treatments of the mental illness known as bipolar, so as to help people to become aware of such mental disorders and neither shun those who have it or go through the pain of denial which comes with being afflicted with it. Identifying the problem when it occurs, seeking out treatments whether they be medication or counsel, can greatly lower the amount of suffering and loss that so tragically comes with bipolar disorder and other diseases.

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About Through The Withering Storm:

Through The Withering Storm is a fascinating ebook written by Leif Gregersen to create awareness of bipolar disorder. It is both entertaining and enlightening. Leif describes his personal sufferings, adventures and misadventures in hopes of benefitting bipolar sufferers and those who care about them.

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