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XTRF™ presents bundle workflow

October 06, 2011 Krakow, POLAND – ( –

Mass way of managing the files
Users can manage whole groups of files instead of individual ones. This approach simplifies and streamlines the Files delivering process in all possible directions. In addition, Workflow designer can define files categories according to Companies’ specific processes & procedures. Thus, Bundles can represent different files formats (with different processing), can separate sources and resources as well as simply divide a vast number of files into Bundles (groups). This last approach enables easy assignment of work to e.g. enable a number of translators to work simultaneously.

On-the-fly Flexibility
Adding/removing workflow steps on-the-fly. This approach not only enables designing any workflows but also increasing Company’s responsiveness to variability of the Customers’ requests. If customers order additional DTP or asks to exclude a QA (or any other) step in the workflow – it can be easily done by Project Managers even if the project has already been started and translation is in progress;

Adding new files on-the-fly. Another usage scenario face the problem of adding new files when project is en course. Project Managers can easily add another piece of translation to the translation workflow step and simply indicate the path the files should follow.

Graphical interface of Workflows
The XTRF™ designed Graphical Workflow Interface can display the entire spectrum of activities in a required order. It shows all activities in each workflow step enabling a project manager to grasp a full scope of project characteristics including files’ flow, assigned providers, and split of activities.

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