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Improved Beer Quality with Optical O2 Measurement.

– ( – Control of dissolved oxygen (DO) is important during various brewery processes. Rapid, accurate DO measurement is central to maintaining beer quality and maximizing yield and shelf-life. Developments in DO sensor technology are therefore of great interest to breweries.

Recently introduced sensors that use an optical technique for oxygen measurement offer a number of benefits over traditional amperometric probes such as faster response time, reduced drift and lower maintenance. During this webinar, the presenter, Jürgen Illerhaus, Product Manager for Oxygen Sensors, at METTLER TOLEDO introduces the company’s optical O2 sensors, explains how they operate and outlines how they can be best utilized in brewery processes.

Mr Illerhaus also describes METTLER TOLEDO’s Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology. ISM aids analytical sensor handling and maintenance through a number of innovative functions and design features. Mr Illerhaus said the combination of optical measurement technology and ISM is of great value to the brewing industry: “Only the combination of optical technology with ISM lets the user fully benefit from the new generation of oxygen measurement sensors.”

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