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Walden University Announces New Dahn Yoga Available to Students

Burr Ridge, IL ( Kazor ) December 8, 2011 – The Dahn Yoga community center offers its services to students in the Atlanta region. Those seeking internal peace and harmony can choose Dahn Yoga to enhance both physical and mental health. Those who practice will come to understand “Ki”, universal energy that allows absolute peace of mind.

Everyone has ki energy flowing through their bodies. While it cannot be seen or heard, this force pervades all living things and contributes to health and well-being. To learn about how to use, and control “ki” energy sign up for Atlanta Dahn yoga Classes. Classes can teach to align the mind and the body with “ki”.

People lead hectic lives in today’s modern society in which one’s mind becomes increasingly removed from the body it controls. Over time this disconnect between mind and body leads to stresses that can be detrimental and apparent in everyday life.

Feelings of pressure, tension and anxiety are all ramifications of this misalignment. An individual may find that at the end of a rushed afternoon, he or she can hardly remember a single thing done all day as everything was blended together. Perhaps they are riled up or itching to do something, though not knowing what it is.

These are signs that your ki energy has fallen out of balance. Fortunately, the forces in the body can always be redistributed through careful meditation and gentle yoga exercises.

By engaging in Dahn yoga, one can begin to regain ki’s equilibrium surprisingly quickly. Before long, the individual can be breathing, stretching and posing his or her way to sharper mental clarity.

Many individuals practice yoga in order to reduce stress and anxiety. Unlike many yoga practices in the United States, Dahn Yoga originates from Korea. Consequently, Dahn Yoga focuses on the core with exercises similar to Pilates. They help to strengthen the lower abdomen and back. These exercises can also help to ease lower abdomen or back pain.

Dahn Yoga is a unique meditation and exercises that places distinct importance on the mind. The mind is the key to personal well being and overall health. Those who suffer from alcohol abuse, drugs, or other health issues ought to try the practices of Dahn Yoga in order to relieve pain and tension from the body and mind.

If interested, classes are offered at Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, Inc., Body & Brain Holistic Fitness locations. Those dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, and those looking to find inner peace, ought to try Dahn Yoga.

For additional information, yoga enthusiasts can visit .


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