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Chris Thile and the Fairytale on Ice

24th Jan, 2012 – ( – Chris Thile is a figure skater who plays Snow White’s Prince Charming on the Disney On Ice Let’s Celebrate tour. His skating is known for being strong and powerful while carrying Snow White across the ice. What’s interesting is that Chris Thile is actually engaged to Snow White, whose real name is Marissa Ana Moritz. The two skaters first started out from different Disney On Ice productions. There are actually 8 different Disney On Ice productions that happen every year, and each one portrays a different set of stories. Chris started in 100 Years of Magic while Marissa got started in The Jungle Book. They, now, share the same coach, John Neylon, and he says that he was surprised when he heard the big news about their engagement.

It’s truly a wonderful Disney story, and it’s so cool how they’re still skating with the show until now. In fact, they were just in France. It’s definitely a tough life the both of them say, as they have to be far apart from their family for so long. It’s definitely hard for them, especially since they’ve been doing this for years, but Chris and Marissa love the ice show life. What they instead decide to focus on is their love for each other and the fact that they make good money from the ice show itself.

It’s been said that ordinary figure skates on the show make $5,000 in a single week, and though that isn’t all that much, it isn’t uncommon for lead skaters like Chris and Marissa to get paid $10,000 for a single show. It’s definitely rewarding, and it’s nice how they can use their skating skills even when they’re older.

Disney On Ice is a touring ice show where figure skaters dress up as Disney characters and they perform. It’s definitely a heartwarming way to enjoy and have fun with your children. If you’d like to catch the love duo on the ice, don’t forget to watch Disney On Ice Let’s Celebrate as they come to your town.

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