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Church Sound System Installation – form meets function from Power Sound of New England

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Kittery, ME – Power Sound of New England, PSNE, is pleased to announce the completion of sound system installation at SacredHeartChurch in Massachusetts. A comprehensive PA sound system renovation was needed; in fact the church sound before the renovation was virtually unintelligible. Power Sound of New England, specializing in professional pro sound systems for worship, was chosen to consult and design and also to perform the new sound system installation.
The Project: The pastor,Rev. Wheatley needed the sound for both the spoken word and the music to be addressed in the new system design. Power Sound of New England designed a church sound system tailored to the parish’s specific needs. “The Mass features a choir so pro sound quality for singing voices is important. Their Life Teen Ministry is an integral part of the parish and its Services include a band. We integrated the musical component of the Masses into the system design. We created a church sound system to improve the music and the spoken voice”, said Power Sound of New England chief designer engineer Troy Jennings.
Features: Pro sound equipment is an integral part of the PA sound system design. One component in particular offers an important benefit is the sound scenario selector, SSR. The pa sound system plan included the installation of remote controller has presets for small or large masses, for 16 choir microphones or the music ministry equipment amplification. The right sound –every time– for speech, song and music all in one custom church sound system. The technician, specializing in audio installation to manage church acoustics, programmed the SSR for the sound scenarios at the church. Both the clergy and music ministry get the ideal sound settings every time. Ease of use is another feature essential to churches; the SSR is simply tuned, by a one-dial selector, to the setting desired.
Another feature of the church sound system is the installation of Bose loudspeakers. Designed expressly for the worship space environment they project sound from multiple drivers within each speaker providing even intelligible sound throughout the worship space. When asked about the new church sound quality and the parish’s experience working with PSNE, Rev. Wheatley said, “We are very pleased!”
Custom church sound systems, says PSNE, are what set them apart from typical AV dealers. Working to create a system with features as unique as the needs of each church, they say, provides effective reliable results.
To learn more about pro sound systems for churches Power Sound of New England invites you to visit their website: Or, read more at their blog site or on Facebook.
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