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Logan Wang Learns The Value of Focus

24th Jan, 2012 – ( -Logan Jade Wang wanted to become a world-class sprinter. He was in college, hoping to make it to university. He was living a hard life, studying, working, and training. The result was that he was unable to concentrate on either of these things properly. When he was studying, he was worried about his work, when he was working, he longed to train, and when it was time to train, he was already tired of all those boring lessons and hard work at the store. Though he was tired, he still trained, but what he lacked was focus. Logan was the second fastest 100 meter sprinter in college. The first one was Ricky. Their lives and routines were almost identical, but somehow, Ricky managed to stay ahead.

Logan Wang was puzzled how Ricky won every time. He wanted to win, so he started researching, talking to the veterans in this field, asking them how they did it. This was how he met Mali Jones. Mali was the best sprinter in his college days, but had given up running for work. He could have made it big as an athlete, but Mali was not sure if he would be able to do it. So he gave up his dream and found a full-time job, a decision that he would regret forever.

Mali Jones saw himself in Logan Wang. He knew it was a matter of time that frustration would eat up this young man’s dreams and he might end up like him. Mali was successful, but that regret stayed in the corner of his heart. So he decided to help young Logan. In a few meetings, he came to know the basic reason for Logan not being able to perform was lack of focus. He was practicing hard, he was doing it the right way, but he didn’t have faith in his abilities. One evening, Mali took Logan home. He showed him his medals and trophies, the pictures from his college days, and shared those wonderful memories. Logan was surprised that Mali gave it all up when he could have had it. He understood what Mali was trying to tell him. If Logan Wang couldn’t do it now, he would regret it forever.

From that moment, Logan Jade Wang was a changed person. He wanted to give his best in whatever he did instead of halfhearted attempts. The result was visible on final sports day. He outran Ricky and won the trophy of Best Sprinter in College.

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