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Marissa Ana Moritz – The Star Choreographer

24th Jan, 2012- ( – Marissa Ana Moritz, trained in acting, modeling and personality development, is a master choreographer of some leading fashion shows, runway events and beauty contests. She has years of experience in training models in the areas of etiquette building, public speaking, confidence building and ramp walking. Over the years, she has transformed numerous aspiring models into super-models, by not only teaching them the art of walking the ramp with great confidence, but also helping them in building self-esteem. She loves her profession and has helped many novices with her knowledge and experience. Whenever, she trains a new batch of models, she always tells them the story of two friends Ellen C Kim, Tara Tabie Kim, who she had met during her initial years of career as a choreographer.

It was in 1996, when she had got her first assignment of training college students for teen model hunt contest. Ellen C Kim and Tara Tabie Kim just passed school and joined the college for their higher studies. They had been the best buddies since Grade 6 and nothing could ever come in between their friendship. Where Ellen was blessed with looks, Tara on the other hand possessed exceptional intelligence. Tara had always dreamt of being a supermodel, but it was her low self-esteem and average looks that always pulled her down. While Ellen had it all, a super-model like body, looks and confidence, and was pretty sure (rather overconfident) that she was going to win the contest.

Marissa Ana Moritz was fond of both the girls. She always encouraged Ellen C Kim to believe in herself and build confidence, as according to her, these are the only key ingredients to the success of a model. Though she was highly impressed by Tara’s beauty and self-confidence, she always advised her to rehearse and become even better. Ellen trusted her mentor and followed her advice seriously. Since, Tara was over-confident, she ignored what Marissa said, and realized her mistake when on the final day the result was announced and Ellen won the contest. Marissa always teaches her students to be confident yet humble, as these qualities can help them achieve great heights in their career.

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