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Tabie Kim takes the lead role of Jessie in Disney On Ice

24th Jan, 2012 – ( – Figure skating professional Tabie Kim is a young 23 year old woman who has always loved the sport of figure skating. She competed in the 2007 United States Figure Skating Championships and successfully took home 15th. She competed in the same competition for two more years before deciding to become professional and start coaching. She started off as a group lesson coach, but she realized that her love for performing hasn’t disappeared. To get herself into performing again, she decided she would create an audition video, and then send it to Feld Entertainment to become a skater for Disney On Ice. She got a call three weeks later to come by for a live audition in her town of Orlando. They were looking for spunky girls with big hearts and lots of skills for performing, and that was exactly what Tabie, also known as Kim Tara Tabie, could do.

After successfully executing her jumps during the live audition, they told her upfront that she will have to come back again for a final audition to see if she was capable for skating on the show. She flew to California nearly two weeks later, and after performing, she was told she would get the part as Jessie in the new, up and coming Disney Production, Toy Story 3.

So you can now catch Tabie and her good friend, Myunghee Chun Kim, perform in the show. Myunghee, however, skates only as a back up skater because of her lack of competition experience, but what’s nice about Disney On Ice is that they’re always ready to help get you a better role once you’ve gotten better and improved. Luckily, Myunghee plays many roles, and she is the understudy of her good friend, Tabie.

Tabie Kim is a truly amazing skater, and her jumps appear even more magnificent when you get the chance to watch her in person. A few of the consistent jumps in her repertoire are the Double Axel, Double Toe Loop, and the Triple Toe Loop; however, she will only be performing her Double axel and the other double jumps in the show.

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