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Martin Tindall, Colorado Works for Environmental Conservation

9th Feb, 2012- USA – ( – Martin Tindall, Colorado is an experienced business development executive who has worked with various companies and held responsible and important posts. He has worked with companies based in Australia, United Kingdom and the United States of America and has held key positions like Managing Director, Chief Information Officer, Vice President, Head of e-Business and Director of Special Operations. Martin Tindall, Colorado feels deeply about environmental issue and he has been dedicatedly working to prevent any further damage to the environment and repair the one that has already been done. He has been trying to achieve his aim of environment conservation by working on projects including reforestation of previously damaged and deforested land and saving existing threatened forests.

Being the head of business development at Kronos Limited, Martin Tindall Colorado has been involved in developing and incubating subsidiaries, projects and partnerships. South Pacific BioFuels, World Property Company, EB-5 Assist, Go REX Go, Breakas Resorts and Voice of North America are some of the projects and clients he has been working with. Martin Tindall, Kronos Limited has been serving the environmental services industry for several years and he is dedicating his efforts to build a sustainable future. One of the major projects that Martin Tindall, Kronos Limited works for is with South Pacific BioFuels.

Martin Tindall, Kronos limited was part of the team to develop the of Global Forestry Plan to create various plantations targeted at the rehabilitation of deforested land and afforestation of previously barren land. South Pacific BioFuels PLC, is a publicly listed company on the Deutsche Borse (Frankfurt Stock Exchange), trading under the stock symbol BF8. Martin Tindall’s role as a Directors is to ensure South Pacific BioFuels is focused on and is an ethical contributor to the environmental, economic as well as employment welfare of its stakeholders. All projects are undertaken through an innovative E4 Philosophy which provides for positive environmental impact and delivering economic returns, while fostering employment and education. Martin Tindall, Colorado is working on projects that have a positive environmental and economic impact which create employment and education. He is concentrating hard to help create jobs and help people to have a better future. He is a shining example and a role model who many people look up to.

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