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Love spells cast by spell caster Kofi Ashanti – Black and white magic Obeah spells that work

Beverly Hills, CA ( Kazor ) April 26, 2012 – Anaximander, Xenophanes, Thales, Hecataeus, Zhang Heng – These were great scholars, Philosophers, renowned explorers and people with great knowledge. These great people from around the world once claimed that the Earth was flat and their claims were believed to be true and proven beyond any doubt. But that was only till the 6th Century when another great Greek Mathematician and Philosopher deduced that Earth was spherical indeed. Since then, we continue to believe that Earth is spherical indeed. One shouldn’t be surprised if this theory is proved wrong in the future. Some of the natural phenomenon like Bermuda Triangle is yet to be decoded by Science. The bottom line is, even Science has its own limitations and there is not everything that scientific reasoning has an explanation for.

One such mysterious phenomenon is the Magic Spells. There is a widespread notion based on numerous movies that makes one believe that Magic spells are meant for evil deeds. And most of us would dismiss the very belief to be hypothetical and claim that it is a money making business. “That’s the thing with magic. You’ve got to know it’s still here, all around us, or it just stays invisible for you” – a quote by Charles de Lint, a famous Canadian writer renowned for his books urban fantasy and mythic fiction. Some section of the African population practice and ardently believe in them as well. These people practice “Obeah” and by practicing it, they gain the capability to foresee and predict the future happenings and also create spells that could be used for good deeds as well as to make bad things happen. ‘Black Magic Spells’, believed to be use of supernatural powers for evil deeds and ‘White Magic spells’, to bring in some positive happening in one’s life. Tantra – a practice that originates from India is believed to practice White Magic spells for an individual’s betterment.

Kofi Ashanti, a spell caster based in Beverly Hills, USA has been practicing magic spells for the past 20 plus years is believed to have brought wonders into people’s lives when they had given up all hopes. Gifted with his ancestral capabilities to practice obeah spells, he has been able to create love spells, money spells and spells that can possible return back the lost lovers. Of all the spells created by him, Kofi claims that most of his clients come to him for Love spells the most.

Book an appointment for a free consultation and visit him at:

Kofi Ashanti
8306 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite# 2066
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Also, please visit for more information on magic spells and to read his client’s testimonials.


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