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Martin Tindall Vanuatu Was Involved In Several Leadership Roles

14 may 2012 Boulder, Colorado ( –

Martin Tindall Vanuatu is a highly professional individual appointed as the Head of Business Development at Kronos Limited. He is dedicated towards the conservation of environment and interested in the promotion of eco-sustainability. He wishes to utilize the extensive experience of the industry experience in the projects to help create positive economic and environmental impacts. He has worked with full dedication to help build a greener, safer and more sustainable future for the coming generations. Martin Tindall during his course of 15 year career was involved in a variety of leadership roles such as finance, general management operations, systemization & replication, and technology. Furthermore, he has been successful in building many effective teams by using his open, hands-on approach.

Throughout Australia and United States, he worked with several publicly listed and private firms where he held key positions as Director, Managing Director, Vice President, Director of Special Operations and Chief Information Officer. Martin Tindall Vanuatu aimed at creating turnaround solutions to several complex problems which range from finance to structuring and technology while holding each of these given positions. He possesses vast experience of the industry and has developed strong core competencies in areas which are related top system process development and implementation, business development, business scoping, contract negotiation and advanced computer operations.

Martin Tindall Vanuatu serves Kronos Limited where he has been given the responsibility of incubating and developing projects and partnerships which includes South Pacific BioFuels, ECO2 Forests, Voice of North America, World Property Company and EB5 Assist.

South Pacific BioFuels PLC supplies clean, green biodiesel across United States, Pacific and Europe and is known for being a reputed International firm. The firm delivers profits through creating sustainable solutions for a greener planet while at the same time creating positive economic and environmental impact. Additionally, Martin Tindall Vanuatu works on projects that target creating employment opportunities to individuals for a better future and for producing bio-fuels for generating alternate energy. To help with the development of New Forestry plan for carbon credits and sustainable lumber, he played a key role. Additionally, he has handled many projects which promises to bring a positive change in people’s life and is a successful entrepreneur and a leader.

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