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CP. Kazor has a solution for the last minute gift for the hard to buy for person.

Immortalize a loved one, a friend, or even yourself, by making them a character in a book!

Tampa, Florida December 1, 2015:  This afternoon, CP Kazor, a previously published author of, “Back Home to Vegas” and “Civil War Battle Born”, unveiled a unique idea to fund the proof reading, editing and promotion of his upcoming book “The Mystery Trust” slated to come out November of 2016.

The Mystery Trust will be the start of a new book series. Some of you may remember the 1950’s TV series “The Millionaire” where Mr. Anthony would give away $1,000,000 each episode from the mysterious Mr. Tipton. The Mystery Trust series will be the 21st-century version. In the first book we will learn how the Mystery Trust is funded and who will be the ones giving away millions of dollars in the future and why.

Here is your chance to feature yourself, a loved one or a friend in a novel. CP Kazor has started a Kickstarter account at Kazor explained, “You can pledge $100 for a Cameo Appearance. For $100 I will name a person who makes an appearance in the book. For a pledge $200 I will mention a Tampabay area Restaurant or Business.   A pledge of $250 will get to name one of the supporting cast.  A pledge $500 will get to name a Co-star: A pledge $750 will get to name the Radio Personalities – who will open each chapter. Finally, a pledge of $1,000  and you can become or name the Starring Couple.”   Each level will get at least an autographed copy of the book, and some levels will be gifted Kazor’s last two books. “With your generosity, I will be able to present a quality work.” Kazor closed.

For more information go to CPKazor’s Kickstarter account now:

For more information and to set up interviews contact CP Kazor at or by       calling 1 888 770 0266.


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