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Organic beauty products for sensitive skin now available online

LONDON, London ( Kazor ) February 14, 2012 – There is always a high demand for beauty products made out from natural ingredients and the reason behind it is they are completely safe and free from side effects to any type of skin including sensitive skin. “Evolve ethical beauty products are designed especially for people with sensitive skin. Irritation to the skin is prevented by using hypoallergenic... 

Stay Away From Deadly Skin Infections through Organic Beauty Products

LONDON, UK ( Kazor ) October 8, 2011 – People are facing different types of skin allergies and skin aging problems due to the adverse effect of chemical beauty products. These problems have stimulated a large number of people to look for organic beauty products that are proving to be an effective remedy to resolve most of the complex skin allergies and stops skin aging process considerably. “Personal... Launch Facebook Page

( Kempston, United Kingdom (19 November 2010) –, a leading UK online supplier of beauty products, have launched a branded Facebook page featuring company news and the latest offers on products from their website. frequently update the status on their new Facebook page with convenient links to product pages, and offer exclusive information, such... Supply Revolutionary New Detox Naturelle Foot Pads

( Kempston, United Kingdom (19 November, 2010) –, a leading UK online supplier of natural beauty products, now stock innovative Detox Naturelle Foot Pads, which use the principles of foot reflexology to detoxify the body. Toxins are capable of causing harm to the human body, and are mainly absorbed from pollution but can also be found in some foods and drinks. The... Announce Product Rebranding and New Formula

Kempston, United Kingdom ( –, a leading UK online supplier of beauty products, announce the rebranding of Vein Away products with new, modern packaging, as well as an improved formula developed by chemists. know that are many beauty products on the market which state they can reduce physical imperfections; however they don’t... Release Discounted Slimming Pack

Kempston, UK, ( –, a specialist online retailer providing weight loss treatments, beauty skin care and body care products, have included a cut-price slimming pack on their website as part of their exclusive summer offers. Included in the Triple Slimming Pack are three unique weight loss treatments which have all been discounted as part of’s... 
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